Berkshire Knife Crime

Berkshire knife crime rising

Stabbings has doubled from 2013, the amount of people who are being stabbed in Berkshire is increasing year after year.

Over 40 people was admitted to hospital with knife wounds in Berkshire late year as the number of serious stabbings increase.

These figures only include people that has been admitted to hospital and many more victims will have received treatment in A&E before being discharged, gone somewhere other than a hospital, or not bothered to get medical help.

Despite more than doubling in a year, the number of people being admitted to hospital with knife wounds is lower than when peaked in 2016.

Slough has the highest number of stabbings since 2013 but figures has fallen in the past year from 30 people admitted to hospital in 2017 to 20 people being admitted to hospital.

What is being done to tackle knife crime in Berkshire.

Police forces are attempting to reduce the number of stabbings by conducting knife surrenders and awareness campaigns, 733 bladed weapons were handed in to police stations in October 2018, in Reading alone 30 knives were handed in. in Bracknell and Wokingham 95 knives and other sharp edge weapons was deposited in surrounding bins. In slough just 22 blades were handed in. this operation also included going to schools to give warning of the risk of knife attacks and carrying knives.

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