Goal Reaching

How many times have you set yourself a goal and not stuck to it

Small steps

Some goals can seem not achievable because they may seem so big or far away, but breaking them down in smaller achievements is a good way of reaching your goals

For self defence or martial arts for example start off by doing 1 session per week for a few months then may be upgrade your sessions per week, once you feel your fitness and confidence has progressed enough to endure more sessions.

Treat yourself

If you are training hard, why not treat yourself, you may deserve it, this is a way of encouragement to progress to the next step to gain your goal. Slap yourself on the back have fun enjoy and relax, be proud of yourself for getting this far

Chat about it

Talking to your friends let them know what you want out of your life and show them how excited you are with your new hobbies and interests.

Your friends may even want to join you or give you help and support

Keep going

Being consistent with your self defence programme will help you to gain your goals and maintain your achievements

Don’t beat yourself up

Its important to train regularly, but if you miss the odd session here and there, its not the end of the world, don’t let it affect your goals

South West Krav Maga – Oxford Kennie Gould

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