How to Clean Boxing Gloves

There’s no better feeling than that of clean boxing gloves or other type of gloves. taking care of your gloves ensures they will last a long time, hygiene keeps the odors away when you train.

Quality gloves are usually made from leather or synthetic leather. The Manufacturing processes and padding materials are also similar, which makes their cleaning the same.

No Stink Deodoriser yellow pads

After your training session, simply place the deodorising pouches inside your gloves, remove them when you need to use your gloves. The natural properties will absorb the moisture inside your gloves and remove the bacteria that cause bad smells.

Clean gloves with a wet cloth

Take a bowl of warm water and a cloth, clean the gloves inside and outside, don’t forget to dry the gloves inside before wearing them. This gets the grime off the gloves, but it dont get rid of the smell.

Disinfectant Wipes

You can use any kind of disinfectant wipes to clean outside and inside of the gloves.

However, the wipes will not get the sweat out completely. But they will get the bacteria away from the outer and inner layers of the gloves.

put your gloves in a sealed bag then place in a freezer overnight Clean boxing

It may sound strange, but it works well to get rid of the bacteria and super clean your gloves. this does not damage the gloves

Odor Aid Spray

it’s an antibacterial spray specifically made for cleaning gloves and some other sports equipment.


You can use tea tree and lavender oil to clean the gloves and remove the foul smells. They have disinfectant properties and these particular essential oils are also beneficial for the material of the gloves as they prolong its life by locking the natural moisture of the leather inside.

Dos and Don’ts for Clean gloves

Do dry the gloves before using them again.

Don’t soak the gloves in any kind of solution

Don’t put the gloves in a washing machine.

Don’t leave the gloves in the freezer for more than 24 hours.

Don’t use any kind alcohol-based products to clean your gloves

Do’s and Don’ts when using sprays and oils

Do keep a safe distance from the gloves when using sprays

Do dilute the oils with water before use

Don’t use too much spray as excess moisture can damage the glove’s material

Don’t leave the Deodorisers inside the gloves for more than a day

Don’t use the wipes with any other type of cleaning solution

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