Hi, Im Kennie Gould, The Founder and senior Instructor of South West Krav Maga. I would like to this opportunity to welcome you to the Club and hope you will be joining us soon.

Personal Background

I served in the British army until 1997, I toured Northern Ireland several times also taken part in some major exercise throughout the world including Germany and the United States of America plus I’ve experienced the sharper end of sectarian violence.

My time in the Army taught me that real world violence can be unpredictable, life changing and incredibly intense.

My passion for Martial Arts Begun when I studied karate for 10 years, taught by Phil Woodfield 4th Dan Black Belt. I later began work in the Close Protection and Security industry. I also worked the doors as a bouncer/door supervisor (an education in its self) I also provided security to a number of celebrities including TV, Sports Personalities and Music Celebrities. I’ve also worked in teams assigned to high profile individuals

Krav Maga became my true passion where I devoted my life to becoming an instructor. i was a former student and instructor for the British Krav Maga Association 2012 -2017(Founder Paul Grey G3)  I’m 100% dedicated to teaching only the finest techniques to my Practitioners, I’ve taken part in various seminars in the UK taught by Amit Porat a Former IDF Krav Maga Instructor in Israel plus Jeff Mount a 3rd Dan Black Belt Krav Maga Instructor for Krav Maga World Wide (KMWW) from the USA. While i was affiliated to Krav Maga Alliance USA, i traveled to Europe to attended various krav maga seminars and instructor training hosted by Brice Martens  In July 2016 I completed a 140 hour Intensive Krav Maga and Education course at Wingate Academic Institute in Israel, taught by Gabi Shai Chief Executive officer at Israel Operational Krav Maga (IOKM) and Avi Abeceedon 10th Dan Grand Master of Krav Maga Israel Krav Maga Association in Israel. Which he is a former Krav Maga Student of the founder of Krav Maga Imi Litchfield and Eli Avikzar the First Black Belt of Krav Maga in the World also the Founder of Israel Krav Maga Association (K.AM.I). The Wingate academic Institute of Israel Krav Maga qualification is recognised worldwide, also one of the best qualifications to be achieved.

In 2018 i successfully gained my brown belt level 5 krav maga qualification, assessed by Brice Martens 3rd Dan black belt krav maga instructor for krav maga alliance.  2019 I passed my 1st Dan Black Belt Krav Maga Instructors Grading, assessed by Doctor Itay Gil 8th Dan the founder of Protect Israel Security Solutions, also a former Israeli Special Forces (Yamam) plus continues to serve in the IDF reserves the rank of Major.

2022 i was a warded my 2nd Dan Black Belt on behalf of South West Krav Maga  

I emphasise tough, real world training. Every session is tough, but good fun and enjoyable. I don’t tolerate egos and generally have a really nice group of people male and female above the age of 18 year old.

I understand some of you may be nervous, unfit or carry injuries of your own, that’s OK. I’m happy to work around these issues but I will hold the expectation that you must do the best you can.

I believe one of the ways I can deliver the best Krav Maga training to my students is to keep updating my own skills and Knowledge, by attending regular instructor events Worldwide and (BJJ) Brazilian Jujitsu Gracie Barra Classes in Swindon taught by professor Pat Reeves


150 Hour BTEC Level 3 Close Protection Course

BTEC Level 3 Conflict Management

Restraint and hold techniques level 2

Road passenger vehicle driving (CHAUFFUER) NVQ level 2

Defensive driving ASCT level 2

PTTLS level 4 teaching qualification Preparation to Teach in the Learning Sector

Former G4 Krav Maga Instructor for the British Krav Maga Association 

Training For Warrior Level 1

Fitness Instructor Level 2 

Wingate Academic Institute College of Israel Krav Maga  & Education Instructor. Recognized worldwide

Brown Belt Level 5 Krav Maga Alliance USA 

Black Belt 1st Dan Krav Maga Instructor