Krav Maga in Oxford - South West Krav Maga

Robert Baden-Powell

the man who inspired the scout movement, explained the phrase be prepared in both body and mind.

Unexpected situations affect us all on a daily basis. We can prepare for them materially, by keeping food, water and warm clothing in our cars in case we break down.

We cannot always prepare for things in a material sense; this can often lead to fear and anxiety, which further diminishes our ability to deal with the situation.

How can we prepare ourselves mentally and physically to more competently protect ourselves from unforeseen situations

Krav Maga

Is a self defence discipline which focuses on pushing the body and mind to its limits. It teaches how to maintain mental and physical stamina, plus you will gain more discipline, concentration and a willingness to confront stressful situations calmly and rationally under pressure.


Is often performed in an environment designed to hone sensory acuity by limiting what you can see and hear. This heightened situational awareness will help you react more quickly when an unexpected situation arises, teaching you not to panic and work with what you have been taught.

Further focus

is given to responding to environmental changes in order to encourage making use of what you have at your disposal, and to full effect. If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or in a known troubled area, or you are otherwise stranded, this can be a life-saving skill.

You will learn to recognize danger, to prepare for it, and how to avoid it. Similarly, this heightened sensitivity to potential threats will help you plan more accordingly and prepare for all possible situations.

Krav Maga teaches a large set of skills, many of which are transferable for use in response everyday unexpected situations. Ultimately, learning a self defence discipline such as Krav Maga will make you more adept to day to day life.

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