The principles of Krav Maga and its approach to training are very unique. They evolved from exposure to aggression and violence at the front line. Essentially, the principles of Krav Maga can be categorised into different kinds of principles and training procedures.

Stop the threat

The prime objective is to stop the threat and reduce/avoid injury. This calls for a quick analysis of the situation, anticipating the attacker’s possible moves and taking instant action to counter the most immediate threat.

Apply aggressive combatives

A Krav Maga combatant must implement quick, aggressive strikes to the most vulnerable parts of the body at the earliest option; there shouldn’t really be any time gap between defence and attack. Quick counter reactions could help prevent further attacks, and may even stop the attacker in their actions.


Defeating the attacker is not the primary goal of Krav Maga. Survival is the primary goal. The Krav Maga Practitioner must evade from the situation as soon as possible. Some attacks involve 2 or more violent aggressors, so it is essential that the defendant disengage quickly as possible in a safe manner.

Look for next threat exit points

Immediately after disengaging, the defendant should be on the look-out for further possible attacks and exit points. The emphasis is on physical scanning the surroundings; this helps keep away tunnel vision induced by stress. Rapid movement of the head also helps in identifying movement in the line of sight. Never look downwards when in any form of violent situation.

Training Principle

Simple techniques

Krav Maga is all about simple techniques. The simpler the technique the more efficient it is which can be learnt quickly without thinking, mastered easily and is highly reliable in high pressure situations. When it comes to defending yourself and loved ones, there’s no place for complexity, which is best left for leisure activities.


Krav Maga puts emphasis on using natural reflexes and reactions wherever possible. The stress is on an instinctive way of combat. This is evident from the focus on use of gross motor movement’s skills when possible.


The defence technique must be such that it can be used for several different attacks. If every attack calls for a different defence technique, the combatant will have to learn and rely on an endless variety of techniques. However, Krav Maga focuses on teaching just a few defence techniques that can be adapted and mastered in any situation easily and quickly.

Survival has no rules

The Krav Maga practitioner can use any method that’s available to him to protect himself or his loved ones. There really are no rules when it comes to survival. Strike to the groin, biting, gouging, improvisation of weapons – any and every technique is welcome. Criminals have no codes of conduct, so why should the defendant. The prime motive is to survive.