I am a relative a newcomer to South West Krav Maga Reading taught by Kennie Gould; I started training beginning of October 2016, training twice a week. I can’t imagine living without it. It’s so much more than just ‘fun’ or ‘challenge’, though it’s that as well. If you are looking to go out and be more than you thought you can be, this is the club for you.

Most sessions starts with a warm up and physical activities, doing that regularly shows results very quickly, going on to the Krav Maga techniques which get more refined, practiced faster and under pressure as your ability progresses. Sore muscles and aching limbs are part of the deal. I did Karate and sports climbing for a lot of years in my twenties, but after doing Krav Maga at the age of 42 I am now a lot fitter than I have ever been.

The guys are great and always helpful, supportive and challenging. Okay I’m a sucker for a challenge, I admit it. Being female and rather petite, I was used to being one ‘to be made allowances for in my previous sports and I always hated that. In the Reading Krav Maga sessions there is none of that, I am just one of them; we all fit in as one team. All jesting aside, I feel welcome and ‘at home’ every time I go to training and for this feeling alone I’d walk figuratively through RPO valley twice a week