It is now three months since I joined Oxford Krav Maga and I am so pleased that I did. Kennie is an excellent instructor and gets the very best out of everyone as long as you are prepared to push yourself. In three months both my fitness and body strength have really improved and I feel more confident in being able to protect myself and those around me as the Krav Maga techniques that Kennie teaches are for real life situations. As for the classes everyone is great, very friendly, and the more experienced are very willing to help the less experienced. Both men and women are in the classes and from a female perspective I find it beneficial to pair up with the men, as well as the women, as it gives you the opportunity to feel and practice against different body strengths. So if you want to get fitter, learn how to defend yourself, and meet a great group of people please do come along and see if it is for you. I am really glad I joined and look forward to every session. A big thank you to Kennie and the rest of the class.