I’ve been training at the Oxford club for almost two years, and feel much healthier now than I ever did in my 20s! I took my first lesson in July 2014 out of curiosity while looking for something new and haven’t looked back since.

I practiced two different styles of karate for a number of years before starting Krav Maga, and I find Krav Maga much more useful as it deals with the practical reality of self defence rather than expecting someone to politely ‘attack’ you in a karate stance and politely wait for you to counter their ‘attack’. The classes in Oxford are always physically and mentally challenging, and after a day stuck working in an office that is a great stress reliever!

The guys in the classes (Reading as well as Oxford) are great to train with, no massive egos and everyone works together as a team regardless of age, shape or size.

Instructor Kennie Gould Gould delivers training with a no-nonsense but good humored approach – he is very supportive and clearly explains and demonstrates the practical applications of the techniques. The use of pads, bags, knives and bats regularly in class, (which was very lacking in my experience of karate), and working in pairs, threes, or as a group of ten, really enhances the training, and adds to the mental and physical challenge.

Aside from the usefulness of learning and practicing effective self defense techniques, and improving health and stamina through the physical exercises in class, Krav Maga is great fun to be had on a Monday evening.