I am one of those people that do not normally write reviews, but feel the need to write one, i have only been learning Krav Maga for a few weeks and absolutely love it.

i have had past experience of both self defence and various martial arts inside and outside of the military and prison service. so feel that i can give a better informed opinion, firstly all self defence and martial arts (Krav Maga is not a martial art!) are good in the whole, sometimes the organisations, training schools r instructors fall short.

what have i noticed and stands out for me from other self defence or martial arts that i have had experience with, is South West Krav Maga is not a commercial venture out to get money from people, Kennie (the instructor) actually cares about the training wants to help people learn and enjoy it at the same time, i come out f training sessions absolutely buzzing! just incase anyone is teetering on the edge of choosing Krav Maga and learning self defence , South West Krav Maga is much,  much more than self defence, it builds confidence, develops fitness and gives a sense of community and belonging South West Krav Maga is definitely accessible to all ages and fitness abilities, you do what you can, i have not done any form of exercise for some time, so i am quite unfit, i can see that will eventually change because i am enjoying it rather than exercise feeling like a chore.