Great bunch at South West Krav Maga – Oxford and Reading , if your looking to improve your fitness , confidence , call Kennie you won’t regret it  , diff ages , shapes and sizes , nationalities , you will be made to feel welcome , fitness techniques that work u will get fitter, lose weight ,get conditioned , strengthen , your body , the combatives Kennie teaches are easy to learn , a lot easier than other martial arts/ personnel  protection classes I have attended that frankly don’t work  Or are very complicated to pick up… Facebook pages u get added to are informative and u get diet plans as well, for the money it’s great value , 4/5 sessions a week cost me less than a fiver a go ….for a 90 minute session … Fitness and combatives … Don’t bother with a personnel trainer they are expensive , Kennie’s Krav Maga is the full package ..