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Some ways to improve your cardio

Cardio is one of the most popular ways to lose weight. Making cardio is a great way to improve fitness and health. But you don’t have to spend hours on treadmill or trail. Use the following tips and burn calories.

Set a goal for your training

Beat the distance you may have covered before. Beat yourself. Exercise more. Every time you exercise, try to do your best and you will do it.

Try high intensity interval training

(Tabata) 20 second exercise 10 seconds rest chose 4 different exercise 10 seconds rest between each exercise. It’s very short, but very exhausting training. Or try something like this, 60 sec jogging or 30 sec sprints. This type of cardio burns more fat than low intensity training, but it’s also more difficult. Try to do different exercises when you do Tabata’s each time you train, this will make them more beneficial and fun

Be consistent

Create a workout routine and stick to it, so that you will help your body to adapt to training.

Exercise with a partner or a group of friends. It will help you enjoy the training more, but try not to talk to much you will soon lose focus and get bored of your training session

Target your heart rate

while exercising on cardio machines. Make sure your heart rate does not drop below your maximum heart rate.

Try to train outside

It will be much more fun.

Choose an activity you like more and enjoy exercising.

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